Hindu Help Foundation

Assure Bread Before Butter

Hindu Help Foundation is an organisation for the socio-economic development of Hindu, not the Hindu religion in its narrow sense, but the wide meaning of Hindu culture - 'The Way of Life' is celebrating here. It is not a qualification or disqualification for who visits or not visits Temples, Churches or Mosques daily but instead if you can love and respect each individual or group irrespective of its gender, religion, caste, colour or physical properties is automatically falls under the reach of this organization even though he is not in our muster roll.

Swami Chidananda Puri

Founder of Sri Sankara Charitable Trust
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P. E. B Menon

Prant Sangh Chalak - Kerala
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Kummanam Rajasekharan
State President -BJP Kerala
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Shri. Suresh Gopi

Member of Parliament (MP)
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Our membership procedures are simple. Download the Membership Form, fill it up as per the instructions given and hand over it to the nearest Sangha Karyalayam. Once their data validation process is completed your primary registration process considered as approved. Once the primary registration process is completed, you can enhance your profile online for matrimony and / or for Job using your username and password just like the regular job or matrimony portals.

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